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Food for Thought

The Innovation Cycle for Academicians

by: Dr. Noor Hanim Rahmat, Universiti Teknologi MARA, (UiTM) Malaysia


Innovative strategies for active 21st-century learning

by: Beata Mirecka Jakubowska, Founder & CEO-Intercultural Education Consulting Group, Jakarta, Indonesia


The Future of Teaching and Learning in Post-Pandemic World

by: Dr Solomon Arulraj David, Associate Professor of Education, The British University in Dubai, UAE


Learning and Mastering our Memory

by: Prof. Dr Peter Shephard, University Management, Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany


Mentoring Graduate Research Students: The Importance of Incorporating Change and Chance Events into the Plan

by: Prof Anne C Ihata, Professor of English Language and Linguistics at Musashino University, Tokyo


The future of Education, Working and Skills

by: Dr Leila Mekacher, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – Essential Tool in a Professional Career

by: Ana Sofia Saldanha, Lisbon, Portugal


Smart University: Concepts, Research, Systems, and Technology

by: Vladimir Uskov, Professor, Bradley University, USA


Mentoring as a Trigger to Career Development

by: Ana Sofia Saldanha, Ph.D. in Translation with emphasis on Mentoring in University of Vigo, Spain


Stealth Paradigm Shift Through Online Education

by: Dr Mladen Milicevic, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA


Educational Technology in the 21st Century Education

by: Dr Froilan D Mobo, Assistant Director, Department of Research and Development, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, Philippines


Adaptive Learning Management System for Todays “New Normal”

by: Dr Ma Victoria C Magayon, Philippines

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